A Review From Amy's Bookshelf

“This story will send chills down your spine. Read it if you love a good ghostly story that brings unexpected hauntings and visions, and downright scary as hell twists at your feet. All good horrifyingly scary stories need to have a creepy house, and Jason just bought an old Victorian. That just screams haunted! Then, the twist. He is the suspect in a local murder, and things get crazier from there. There’s something about Savannah, and Jason was caught. Love this story, and of course, I expected to, since it was written by Cross. Cross has a talent for giving great stories while scaring the hell out of the reader. Love it!”

– Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

Book cover for Sleep Savannah Sleep by Alistair Cross: The cover is a woman hidden in the shadows of the dead trees and highlighted with a dark blue.