3D book cover for Spite Island by Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross: A man walking at night on a bridge while holding a lantern in front of him and dead trees surrounding his silhouette.



Spite Island

Book two of The Spite House Chronicles

Spite Island

There’s an island up in Gold Country at the northern end of Snapdragon Lake. It’s named Manchester for the family that owns it, but the locals call it Spite Island. There’s a single lonely mansion on that island and a group of authors have been invited to write about its ghosts and its mysteries. But the real mystery is, who will survive this luxurious but deadly retreat?

A Cursed Island

Cody Manchester, grandson of Spite House mistress, Agnes Manchester, has avoided Spite Island since he was a boy. Something horrible happened back then that he can’t recall — but now he’s returned, determined to exorcise his childhood fears once and for all. With the help of writer Paige Allen, he’s discovering things about his family that will change him forever.

Meanwhile, entranced by the nightly storytelling, the other guests are eager to encounter the ghosts that walk the halls of Spite House — at least until the manifestations begin. Sometimes getting what you wish for can be deadly.

Hurrying to explore the island before they’re trapped inside the shadow-filled mansion by the coming storm, they soon learn that what lurks outside is even hungrier than what waits for them within the walls of Spite House.