3D book cover for A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: pine cones, red berries, a wrapped present and a green bell.


A Christmas Carol

Ghost Stories to Tell by the Christmas Tree

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is perhaps the most famous ghost story of all. For nearly two hundred years, this tale has, singlehandedly, extended the haunting season from autumn through winter, and ghost lovers everywhere are happy about that.

* * *

Traditionally, A Christmas Carol is told and retold each year in every form from plays to movies, and TV shows. But, originally, the tale was read aloud as folks sat by the hearth drinking mulled cider or hot cocoa as they warmed their hands at the fireplace. Many of us first heard the tale as children. Perhaps we sat in darkness broken by lights twinkling on a Christmas tree as, just outside the window, the wind howled or the snow fell.

* * *

This inspiring and spooky tale of ghosts and redemption is just right for the holiday season. Here, Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross present the classic tale along with their new introduction, wherein they take a look at the ghosts of A Christmas Carol and how they have impacted ghost stories of all kinds ever since. This edition is perfect for reading – or you can listen to it (and the ghostly introduction) in audio form as read by Jamison Walker. Either way, you’re in for a ghostly good time.

* * *

At the end of the book version, Thorne & Cross have also included a synopsis of the story.