3D book cover for God of Shadows by Alistair Cross: Skull with cracks that have blood leaking from them. The image has a red frame around it.



God of Shadows

Book Five of The Vampires of Crimson Cove series

Categories: Horror Suspense, Paranormal Vampire Romance, Dark Fantasy Horror

Evil Has Followed Them Home

Hellbent on vengeance, a powerful vampire has followed Cade Colter and Father Vincent Scarlotti back to Crimson Cove. With the help of his ancient army, the God of Shadows sets out to destroy the vampire hunters, as well as his oldest enemy — an enemy tied to him by blood.

There’s Something in the Shadows

A skateboarding Lothario pulls a gun on Cade in broad daylight. A beautiful woman’s sudden obsession turns deadly. And something unholy moves within the shadows.

The town of Crimson Cove is under siege. Sheriff Ethan Hunter has bodies piling up and a list of suspects that doesn’t make sense. Townspeople are turning lunatic. Mindless violence has become the norm among the living — and even the undead are getting worried.

The Enemy of My Enemy…

Plagued by sinister visions, Brooks Colter seeks to hone his emerging vampiric talents in time to join forces with Cade, Father Vince, and the vampires of Crimson Cove to help defeat the God of Shadows and his malevolent army before the entire town is nothing but rubble and blood.