A Review From Book Vue

Book cover for Sleep Savannah Sleep by Alistair Cross: The cover is a woman hidden in the shadows of the dead trees and highlighted with a dark blue.

“From the word go, the book had me in its captivating world … I was blown over by the story!” – Book Vue

Sleep Savannah Sleep by Alistair Cross is a book in the horror/occult genre which I don’t usually prefer. But since reading the blurb, I have been curious and let’s just say I overlooked my preference and was I glad!
Jason Crandall, a recent widower, moves into an old Victorian house in Shadow Springs with his teenage son, Brent and younger daughter, Amber. While Amber begins adapting to this new environment, Brent, a recluse, finds it difficult to do so. Jason starts his massage therapy business and finds a client or two immediately. But when he meets the sensual Savannah Sturgess, he realizes it isn’t going to be easy to avoid her. Among friendly neighbors, new friends and temper tantrums by Brent, Jason begins to settle down when one day, Savannah is reported missing. And thus begins the nightmare that drags Jason within its deep claws, making him wish he had never set foot in Shadow Springs at all.

From the word go, the book had me in its captivating world. The writing is so impressive that even when not reading, I could visualize the details from the story. The narrative is on point, enhancing the depictions of the events and characters. The story line is equally good. The climax was something that I was waiting for with bated breath and I wasn’t disappointed. All the characters are well described, a special mention to the characters of Jason and Savannah. Again, it is the result of the excellent writing skills of the author that both these characters stay on with the reader and I could completely understand and empathize with them throughout the story.

With the technicalities out of the way, I would like to give my honest opinion of the book. I was blown over by the story! This is the first time I’m reading something by the author, and I sincerely wish that wasn’t the case! I have been missing out on so much! I rarely pick up anything in the horror/occult genre but this book isn’t the kind to give you nightmares. Score!

Last word. I loved the book and would definitely recommend it to those who love thrillers/murder mysteries with a bit of haunting. Truly enjoyable!”

– Book Vue