3D book cover for Spiteful Creatures by Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross: An older woman dressed in black holding a candelabra with three lit candles while standing at the bottom of a staircase.



Spiteful Creatures

Book three of The Spite House Chronicles

Spite Island

There’s an island up in Gold Country at the northern end of Snapdragon Lake. It’s named Manchester for the family that owns it, but the locals call it Spite Island. There’s a single lonely mansion on that island and a group of authors have been invited to write about its ghosts and its mysteries. But the real mystery is, who will survive this luxurious but deadly retreat?

A Cursed Family

When a powerful storm cuts Spite Island off from civilization, the mansion’s guests are trapped, and the ghost stories that once amused them become a deadly reality. Spite House is alive with bloodthirsty entities, and now, only power-mad matriarch, Agnes Manchester, is amused.

As the island and its ghosts weave a deadly web around its victims, lives are lost and danger lurks in every sinuous black shadow. Those who survive must face the dark power that propels the legion of cursed creatures that walk the halls — the living and the dead alike.

When Agnes’ estranged grandson, Cody Manchester, faces the shocking secret that destroyed his childhood, he realizes that he must confront not only the horrors of his past, but of the island itself, its ghosts, and his own tainted bloodline. The only way to survive is to uncover his grandmother’s perverse secrets and the horrifying mysteries that the island holds close to its malignant dark heart.