3D book cover for The Midnight Ripper by Alistair Cross: A man's face with red eyes and blood dripping down his lip. The man's face is framed inside of a cross made from black stone. The image has a red frame around it.



The Midnight Ripper

Book Four of The Vampires of Crimson Cove series

Categories: Vampire Horror, Dark Fantasy Horror, Dark Fantasy


Michael Ward, a vampire once dedicated to peace and harmony, lost his humanity when he gave into love — and other primal desires. Now he rages and murders indiscriminately. . . and he’s on the run. Cade Colter, along with renowned monster hunter, Father Vincent Scarlotti, is hot on his bloody trail, and as Michael litters the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with the ravaged bodies of his victims, Cade must keep his own demons at bay if he has any hope of stopping him . . . and living to tell about it.